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The Research Project is here to stay!

Yes, after much debate and the SACE review, SACE Board chief executive, Professor Martin Westall, has signalled that the subject will be revamped, and remain a valuable part of the South Australian senior curriculum. The Research Project has had its fair share of critics over the years, with claims of it being too broad in scope, confusing when it comes to topic choice, and open to too much parental assistance. But Flinders University research has found that the Research Project is a better indicator of success at university than the ATAR.


Great value

These findings make absolute sense, and bear out what we have always known – the Research Project is too valuable to lose. No other subject so completely encompasses the development of independent research skills. Nor do they allow the student a more hands-on way to develop and practice the capabilities - entrepreneurial, critical and creative thinking, personal and social communication, ethical and intercultural understanding, literacy, numeracy and ITC. The new and improved Research Project is designed to set students up for success, not only as they make the transition into further study and the workforce, but also throughout life.


Following SACE Review recommendations

The revamped Research Project will no longer be compulsory in Year 12, but will need to be completed at some stage of senior schooling. It will become more focussed, and:
• Have more defined options for students
• Include entrepreneurial or community activism projects
• Be tied directly to vocational studies and career pathways
The pilot for the planned changes is set for 2020, with the full rollout in 2022.


We’ve got it covered!

The Work-Ready program addresses career pathways, community involvement and staying in tune with industry trends. We recently introduced the new DEFENCE INDUSTRY module and we’ll soon be adding IT & CYBER SECURITY.
BizReady is packed with information, activities and advice for students with ideas of exercising their entrepreneurial muscle.
Then there’s i-XPLORE, the original Research Project journal, filled with topic ideas and advice on planning strategies, research methods (and much more), and soon to be updated to align with the changes.
So you see, we have the resources to assist your students in meeting the requirements of the Research Project, no matter which direction they wish to take it.
If you’re not already familiar with Work-Ready, BizReady or i-XPLORE, check them out now - and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. We’re always happy to help.